Reality Check

Hey cuties! How have you been? Before I begin, I’m so sorry for such a late post, been busy with college applications, entrances, etc etc. But here I am! This one is going to be a really special one,like, close to my heart. And it took a lot of courage n thinking to finally post this. So! How many of you beautiful girls have body shamed yourself, have let your mind bully your body, or worse, actually believed someone who’s motive was to upset you? *raises hand* I felt really bad about my pear figure since a really long time, but one day I suddenly realized that stretch marks are natural, acne is natural, and freckles are natural too. And you can’t, you just can’t let someone measure your worth by the way you look. You are not your body, the no. of likes you get, or how some fuckboy treated you. You are the things you are passionate about, the way your eyes shine when you see your best friend(in my case, makeup) , how you laugh, your crazyyy😍 Girlss! Be more than a pretty face or a hot body. Be kind, be brave , be someone no one expected you to be. Of course I was scared before starting the blog, of course I thought “what if they don’t like me!” But how the hell would I have known without trying. Don’t just sit there because you are scared or because your hands are shaky. Go start that blog! Go choose that course you are passionate about! Go tell that boy you think he’s cute! Go compliment that girl! Just don’t let someone define your worth by the way you look/dress/etc (not even yourself) Go out there and define your worth by doing things you love. Love you guys❤️ Please share this with someone who needs a pick me up. Outfit – Sarojini nagar Choker – Lifestyle Nose ring – @sarojininagar_official on insta for Rs 90/-


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  1. I love this post SO SO much! You’re 100,000 times right about EVERYTHING you said. You definitely shouldn’t allow anyone else (or yourself!) to measure your self-worth by something as shallow and as random as looks. However, that being said, you look gorgeous and I’m loving the outfit xx

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