Some BTS: My Birthday 

Hey Cuties,                                      Hope your day is amazing.           This is my first ever post and emotions are overflowing! I’m excited, nervous and so happy that this is finally happening. I wanted this post to be an introduction or something but I realized that this post should be more than a mere intro. As you can see it’s behind the scenes from my birthday.                                       LOOK 1                                               For my birthday,I went for a casual outing and since we were doing bowling I wanted to be super comfy and look chic. So I wore this Forever21 tee inspired by the Kylie Jenner rugged tee trend and paired basic black shorts with it. As you can see my hair are quite unmanageable so I decided to wear a same burgundy cap. If you are going on a fun adventure, shorts, a cap and sneakers are all you need to look effortless and stylish without the effort.LOOK 2                                                       For my birthday party, which was a few days after my birthday, I wore this fancy nude dress with rose gold sequins. I refrained to wear jewelry because I would have looked like a disco ball😜 For my make up i took a little risk and went for pink eyeshadow. Pink eye makeup is quite in hype among beauty bloggers and I had to practice so hard for this one. Lastly I styled my fav nude heels & I was good to go.                                        Please comment below and let me know if you would like a tutorial for the eye makeup.                                     Until next time. #xoxo


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