15 beauty hacks to save many $$$ 

Hey loves❤️ I'm so so excited to share these beauty hacks for all my girls on budget. Being a girl is expensive y'all. But no worries,  Flowerchild on the rescue 😜 And all these hacks are tested and tried by me personally so you don't have to think twice before trying.        ... Continue Reading →


College Lookbook!!!

Hey cuties! How are you all doing? I'm just so excited for college. Like it's a whole new transformation to life, new friends,campus,teachers. I'm so nervous about what kinda people would be there. It's all nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. And of course What To Wear??? I'm sure you are with me... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Hey cuties! How have you been? Before I begin, I'm so sorry for such a late post, been busy with college applications, entrances, etc etc. But here I am! This one is going to be a really special one,like, close to my heart. And it took a lot of courage n thinking to finally post... Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Bodysuits

Hey cuties! How was your week?        Everybody, from celebrities to fashion enthusiasts are crushing over this adorable trend "bodysuits". Kim Kardashian , Kendall Jenner , Gigi Hadid and many more style queens have been seen rocking this trend. I bought a glittery backless bodysuit because well, I'm all about a lil extra.... Continue Reading →

Some BTS: My Birthday 

Hey Cuties,                                      Hope your day is amazing.           This is my first ever post and emotions are overflowing! I'm excited, nervous and so happy that this is finally happening. I wanted this post... Continue Reading →

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